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A blog dedicated to the possible meeting of one
Dr. Martha Jones and the Eleventh Doctor.

vonniesmith1019 said: Hello, I just found this blog and it's amazing! I'm a Martha/Eleven shipper and it's really tough to find fans who like them together. I haven't seen any recent pics or gifs so I was wondering if your blog is still active? I would love to see more and I also write fanfic about them :)

Thank you so much for this message! I will always be so attached to the idea of Martha/Eleven so really want to keep this thing going, but at the same time my interest in doctor who is at an all time low currently, so I haven’t taken the time to search the tags/make things myself thus this blog is the deadest thing, which is just really sad. Honestly your ask has made me think that maybe I should ask around see if others would be willing to take over and keep it more active? Martha/Eleven deserves to keep going because they would have been the greatest and that should never be forgotten tbh.

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AU: Eleven meets Martha

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ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: Martha as Eleven’s companion
11: How did you do that?
 I told you I was good.
11: Fair Enough.

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AU → for @jollymyroger

└ Martha Jones finally gets her key.

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Invasion of the very small cubes, that’s new.

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